Happy Head - I Fall Awake lyrics

(Carl L. Marsh/Chad Swahnberg)
action time the bottom line
precautionary sadness
a silence in the courtroom
all objections overruled
for something pure
something reasonable
we should all stand up and shout
home is where the heart is
but the heart is moving out
there's never been a finer line
through sanity and madness
i want over-achievement
under-estimation gets you down
i fall awake now now i fall awake
i don't dream that hard
blink and double-take i fall awake
i fall awake now now i fall awake
i fall awake now now i fall awake
election time selection mine
discretionary process
natural or contractual
the vote goes either way
for a cure that is feasible
we should all go back to school
make everybody stand in line
to be nobody's fool
there's never been a better time
to trust in mass hypnosis
go falling through my summer-blue
all promises true possibilities
loud and clear
in a world that's changing speed
all you really need is to fall awake