Hanson Brothers - A Night Without You lyrics

I went to a party
I was so confused
I went to the party
I went but not without you

I saw you with Tommy
I was so confused
I said hit it Tommy
I didn't talk to you

Chorus (x2)
A night without you
What will I do
A night without you
How will I get through

I sat and talked to Tommy
I didn't look at you
But when you danced with Tommy
I knew we were through

I drank a little whisky, I had a little beer
They started playing slow songs
I've gotta get out of here

Chorus )x2)

I walked out in the rain
I was feeling no pain
I sat in the parking lot
I felt nothing at all

I walked across the highway
Mack truck cut me in two
They said the light was red
But all I saw was you