Hannah Montana 3 - I'm Just A Girl lyrics

I've been waiting for this moment
For you to see the real me
It's been an illusion
But I never meant to fool you
I got caught up in a fantasy

I'm just a girl
With a dream that got the best of me
In a world
That believes fame is everything,yeah
Got out of touch
With the ones who gave me my wings
To fly,
To fly

People say
The world is like a stage
Guess I'm confused of the roles I play
I've been away
From home for so long, that I
Almost forgot where i belong
Yeah, yeah, yeah


Its so easy to forget
What matters in this life
It's so hard to live with regrets
But I promise I will try
To be a better me
From now on
Im sorry, I didn't mean to do you wrong


Im just a girl