Hania Lee - Taken lyrics

*Not yet released online

His arms reached around her waste
He lent much closer and had a taste
The strength of the passion had all disappeared
The love she most wanted was what she most feared

He pushed a little harder and made a little sound
When the bed became a problem, he pushed against the ground

The eyes that she'd sunk into
The hands that once were soft
Had turned to stiff and icy and with disease they coughed

The fear of hurtful anger
The feeling of betrayal
Was kept up by this stranger
Was kept up in this male

The powerful guy had turned out to be a lie

She looked into the frozen night and saw no hope
No help, no light
He pounded her against the floor
She begged and screamed and said 'no more!'

He slapped her face, so pure, so sad
For he was raged and awfully mad
Her rejection for him took place – he saw that in her pale face
Her heart beat faster with fear and pain
Never will she want to love again.

The silence broke onto the bed
He saw her laying there


The guilt was floating in the air
He thought she knew nothing was fair.

He thought she knew nothing was fair.