Handsome Poets - This Train lyrics

I have a distinctive vision,
the sooner I arrive,
the better I like it.
The better it is.

It’s waving at me,
I’m mister curiosity,
and the distance is not
what it was.

And this train rumbles un,
to a place I want to be.
So get your ticket,
and go with me.

My life will change,
uncomfortably certain,
I have to be part of it,
I have to get in.

A new life is calling,
so I open the curtains,
and I can’t wait to
enter in.

I try to turn my trains of thoughts,
I’m in a sweet suspense.
Rain falls out of a clear blue sky,
no way I’m going back.
Stay on track.

And this train rumbles on
To a place I have to be
And this train rumbles on
You know the way
Come along with me