Hancock Wayne - Track 49 lyrics

Well I used to be a dreamer, but that was such a long time ago
Yeah I used to be a walking man 'round them dusty back roads
Hangin' 'round the track waitin' by the main line
Listen to the rumble rockin' rhythm and time
I was swingin' with that jump up beat
Down on Track 49

Well I used to be a loaner and I thought I had nowhere to go
Yeah I used to be a boozer, a blew rock into a whole lotta dough
Then a heard them horns a blastin' and the next thing I knew
I was a jumpin' and a jive'n just a shakin' my shoes
Yeah I boogie away all my blues
Down on Track 49

Yeah, lets ride!

Yes, tell me . . .

Well I used to be a loser and I almost lost my handle on life
Yeah, I spent my nights in darkness, searching for an end to my strife
Yeah, then I heard them horns a-blastin' and it's makin' me high
Like the fireworks a-flyin' on the fourth of July
Ain't worried about nothin' now