Hallows Eve Death Trip - Chased By An Axe Murderer Through Bourke Street lyrics

You sold your soul at the sign of Christ

You pathetic disgrace

Now death has come, your last resort

All the dirt rubbed in your face

[Why have you turned away?]

Your savior is here

Now your time has come

Your time has come

Yout time has come!


[All hope has been lost

Your pure spirit has kept you alive

All that is left of me

Is my dying wish to go to] Hell!

Now I slit your throat at the sign of Satan!

Looking down at you, a bloody wreck

You mean nothing to me

[Why did you disobey?]

My savior is here

Now my time has come

My time has come

My time has come



Die! Your one last chance!

I'll kill you now!

In the name...

Of all that is black and unholy

In the name of Satan!

In the eyes of God!



[Repeat chorus]