Haiku DEtat - Los Dangerous lyrics

(Abstract Rude)
We get whylin when we freestylin
We bring the action, my rude abstraction
And when a crew stepped up to test us
They found we were dangerous
And they come high, come low, come fast, come slow
But got no range like us
If you put Haiku D'Etat versus the ra-ra
Them can't hang with us because we're dangerous
Rule things worldwide
I'm too rude

Six in the morning, po-po at they door
But they ain't gone get them 'cause they got a window
All exits not seized so they fleed
K-9's sniff through find personal seeds
Grows no more than a OZ rastas indeed
Snitched on by some neighbor smelling the weed
Blown cover on the under kinda makes you wonder
How you really know when they got yo number
Can't even be a roots man and crop yo green
I plead the 5th, 6th and prop 215
Them no legalize ganja but cigarettes more dangerous
And we can not let Babylon continue to play games with us
It's too many innocent bredren locked down in compounds with chains and cuffs
We stay true damage ya worldwide from Canada to Bangladesh
Because we're dangerous, rule things worldwide
Ya too rude

(Mikah 9)
So stop all violence, break codes of silence
Lick a shot off for Mikah's honor
Black hound sound and fire (mari) juana
We haffa non stop non stop, hustling x amount of trouble em dangerous
Jah say dem people know for what an expert dem come gone take for us
The furhman press down for ganja while me bredren watered off angel dust
Bad boy stick up bank for us
Rule things worldwide

9 in the morning, 3 hours later than previous
These cowards and haters are envious and devious
They got beef with us but it was brief enough
For we quickly dismiss from duty all the mischievious
The mothership ain't leaving us these trees we puff
Stimulate iration
We believe in love recieve enough positive vibrations
To achieve the trust and make gees and stuff
For my people's elevation
We no walk clean with open sore canquerous
We can't spoke with the devil in the men I believe evil contagious
For any sound children Haiku D'Etat killed dem spontaneous
We haffa warrin on the streets little boy pack heat
These gangs are tough and instant dangerous
Rule things worldwide

And there is reason I'm born in Babylon
Under the odd star and where they plot war
But we do not want war unless pushed upon
And then brains will bust
But we do not like that so we give peace and love like it came to us
And there are those who try but do not use the eye the same as us
Dem are not dangerous
Rule things worldwide

It's 12 noon I'm higher than a helium balloon
I consume the day like the day consumes me
Who's gonna do me?
The black and white or my look a like
It's looking like it ain't looking too good
So I looked where I stood
Then I looked up, what a wonderful world
To have at my disposal and those who know
If you abuse it then you lose it
But who's is it to begin with? We started god-like
Now what's it gonna end with?
And we won't stop there we have bredren and sistren who came with us
And we travel by foot, car, bicycle, train or plane or bus
Abstract Rude, Mikah 9 and Aceyalone, microphone manglers
And we hail from Babylon, sector west side Los Angeles
Rule things worldwide