Haddaway - What About Me lyrics (Chinese translation). | You stepped into my life
, Doing things to me
, That I can't explain.
, Think twice, Baby,
, This...
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Haddaway - What About Me (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You stepped into my life
ZH: 你走进我的生活

EN: Doing things to me
ZH: 我做的事情

EN: That I can't explain.
ZH: 我无法解释。

EN: Think twice, Baby,
ZH: 三思,宝贝,

EN: This ain't no game!
ZH: 这不是没有游戏 !

EN: If you can't commit
ZH: 如果你不能犯

EN: Totally and not just a little bit,
ZH: 完全和不只是一点点,

EN: Why do you keep me hanging on
ZH: 为什么你要让我坚持下去

EN: So long?
ZH: 再见?

EN: You taught me what it means
ZH: 你教我意味着什么

EN: To walk along the lonely street
ZH: 寂寞的街步行到

EN: Of dreams,
ZH: 梦想,

EN: But I cannot take it no more, no no!
ZH: 但是,不多也不能 !

EN: Now it's up to you
ZH: 现在它是你

EN: If you keep me standing like
ZH: 如果你让我像站

EN: A fool,
ZH: 傻瓜,

EN: I gotta take my pride and go,
ZH: 一定要自豪和走上前,

EN: I'll go.
ZH: 我要去。

EN: What about me?
ZH: 那我呢?

EN: Do you really wanna hurt me, baby?
ZH: 做你真正想要伤害我,宝贝吗?

EN: Tell me now:
ZH: 现在告诉我:

EN: What about me?
ZH: 那我呢?

EN: Do you wanna break my heart to pieces?
ZH: 不要想要打破碎我的心吗?

EN: Girl, I gotta know:
ZH: 女孩,我要知道:

EN: What about me.
ZH: 那我呢。

EN: What about me?
ZH: 那我呢?