HRstrut - Man From Alpha-201 lyrics

My rights to you, I would have defended.
There's nothing I for you, would not have contended,
And even now I wonder how else it could have ended.

His eyes stare,
Right into you,
They stare right on through,
As if you weren't even there.

The man, the man from Alpha-201,
On the sidelines you watch him climb ,
His orbit 'cross the sun,
And no matter how hard you run,
You'll not do what he has done,
After all you're not the man from 201.

The feeling comes in seconds, and takes days leaving,
Time wasted, between the seething and the grieving,
Eased only by ever-stronger doses of self-deceiving.

He doesn't have to guess,
Your eyes expose,
Your every dream he knows,
And he couldn't care less.

The man, the man from Alpha-201...

From out my soul,
Every hunger and whim,
Has but one goal,
To be just like him.

I sense a tragedy,
On his shoulders weighing,
Some future grief is present joy even now waylaying,
But it's probably just some sick joke on me that fate is playing.

And every dream laid low,
With his voice taunts,
'Cause in the end I know,
He gets what ever he wants.

And it's hard to do,
But I try not to blame,
'Cause if I were you,
I know I'd choose the same.