HORSE The Band - Face Of Bear lyrics

Winters coming,
days die short at the end of autumns reign.
Hunger becomes ravenous,
hibernation never waits.
Soon the silent slumber,
for now October's feast.
Fearless and graceful,
crashing through dead leaves.

Don't feed the bears or the bears will feed on you!

All the forest fauna,
frozen feeling fear.
Flinching at the moment,
face to face with face of bear.
All the forest creatures
vanish from sight.
Their betters come with hungers
that cannot be denied.

Soon the silent dreaming is coming,
hunger's drumming,
nights grow long.
Neither plant or beast have walls or doors
to protect them from the greatest of the omnivores.
Towering over my head,
terrible beauty--
fuck I'm dead!

The hunger!

Fall is falling,
stars are conquering,
dead branches soaked with rain.
Bear gut glut on critters,
heavy eyes feeling weight.
Twilight sighs in animal eyes,
a new cycle will begin.
This winter when trees are white,
the fauna is free from him.

Don't feed the bears or the bears will feed on you!

I'll die with the honor that I chose.
I'll fight face of bear and lose.

Face to face with face of bear.

Face the bear!
I'll face the bear!