Gyptian - It's You Remix lyrics

Yea, yea yea... whoa, yea yea..

She feelin' good now
When I rub the body
And she's cancer to me
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
I make her warmer, even if its colder outside
I keep her warm on the inside, I feel it deeper
Baby I'm da cool spark, I make it ????
But baby I'm da don down herr, I'm from a place called Jamaica baby
Cause it's you I want.. I want.. I want...

Baby you can, baby you give me that sparks
Baby you lighten up my dark, make it brighter
Only you girl, I see you in my dream land
And now you be the one I see, the things that ???
Baby, no one ever like you, no one like the way we do
No one say the things we say, I wanna see you everyday
Baby don't leave, girl you are so special
'Cause you are so sexy, everytime I see you.. grows in my fantasy


I hear ya Gyptian.. I do
That's what I'm talkin bout.. Brooklyn
Welcome to my wonderful world of unstoppables
Come on, Maino...
Its obvious I was tryin' hard to conceal it
I'm nervous, I ain't use to feelin' what I'm feelin'
Caught me off guard no grip, now I'm spinnin'
Caught up in your world and I hate to admit it
Baby I'm afraid what I fear might be true, I'm open my entire focus is you
All I see is you, images of you, I only see my dawgs cause I'd rather be wit chu
Tell me what is wrong with me, you the only thing I think of
Still tryin' to run, I don't wanna think love
I'm in deep thought, maybe thinkin' too much
Daydreamin' all alone in a room stuck
You the picture of my soul, vision in my mind
You the dagger in my heart, how will I survive
Just maybe you're the women that'd change me
Have me comin' home just to ???????

Chorus (x 1)