Guru - Hustlin' Daze (feat. Donell Jones) lyrics (Chinese translation). | {*"If you ain't real about it, don't talk"* -> Baby Thad}
, [Guru]
, It's ninety degrees on the...
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Guru - Hustlin' Daze (feat. Donell Jones) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: {*"If you ain't real about it, don't talk"* -> Baby Thad}
ZH: {*"如果你不是真正了解它,不谈"*-> 婴儿 Thad}

EN: [Guru]
ZH: [大师]

EN: It's ninety degrees on the corner, in the summer heat
ZH: 它是 90 度角,在炎热的夏天

EN: Dreamin of beach houses, mad ladies and Hummer jeeps
ZH: 梦的海滩的房子,疯狂的女士们和悍马吉普车

EN: Got another beep now it's time to watch a brother creep
ZH: 现在是时候来看弟弟徐变了另一个蜂鸣音

EN: and pull another scam, not yet the man but the brother's deep
ZH: 然后拉出另一个骗局,尚未男子,但哥哥的深

EN: Ain't tryin to stay in this life for too long
ZH: 不是想留在这生活太久

EN: You tellin me that I'm bound to lose, but you wrong
ZH: 你告诉我,那我一定要输了,但你错了

EN: I'm too strong, plus me and my team's got a true bond
ZH: 我是太过强烈,再加上我和我的团队有一个真正的债券

EN: I'll stay in these streets, you stay in the house where you belong
ZH: 我会呆在这些街道上,你呆在属于你的房子

EN: Yo who's wrong, you never had to live in my shoes
ZH: 哟谁是错了,你永远也无法活在我的鞋

EN: And my view's, that every second is vital
ZH: 和我认为的每一秒都至关重要

EN: The way I see nigga's the way I G it
ZH: 这样的看著我 G 它

EN: A raw ghetto entrepeneur, yeah I be it
ZH: 原料贫民区商号,我被它的是

EN: Not as glamourous, as the gangster flicks
ZH: 不一样魅力、 作为黑帮笔锋

EN: I'll show you some gangster chicks that hold me down we get rich
ZH: 我会给你看一些我按住我们的黑帮小鸡致富

EN: And get this, bet this, I'm after payola
ZH: 把这个打赌这,我是后到休士顿

EN: The loot, the paper, til my hustlin days are over
ZH: 战利品,纸张,直到我真挚已经结束

EN: [Chorus: Donell Jones]
ZH: [合唱: Donell 琼斯]

EN: I'm a hustler, a hustler hmm
ZH: 我是个骗子,骗子哼

EN: Gotta get the dough to win
ZH: 得把面团,赢

EN: And I'm a baller yeah, baller
ZH: 我是叫号是,柠檬榨汁器

EN: Shot call-errr
ZH: 铅球的调用 errr

EN: I pack plenty of steel, plenty of steel
ZH: 我一大堆的钢,大量的钢

EN: For niggaz that wanna be actin ill
ZH: 对于想要肌动蛋白病的黑鬼

EN: All the player haters stay, off my nuts
ZH: 所有球员讨厌的人都远离我的坚果

EN: while I'm/we handlin business
ZH: 虽然我 / 我们 · 汉德林业务

EN: [Guru]
ZH: [大师]

EN: Illegal business, I need to invest in somethin legit
ZH: 非法业务,我需要在心里有些东西合法投资

EN: This money's comin too quick, I copped a house and two whips
ZH: 这笔钱的进太快,我被抢走一栋房子和两个鞭子

EN: Who switched it, not me, I'm keepin it real
ZH: 允许谁交换它,不是我,我是区它真实

EN: Keepin the steel while the envious watch hungry, I'm eatin my meal
ZH: 允许同时羡慕手表钢区饿了,我是吃我的一餐

EN: Late nights, there ain't no time for stage frights
ZH: 深夜,那里不是没有时间阶段惊吓

EN: This ain't fiction, it's my mission to get paid alright?
ZH: 这不是小说,它是我的使命,得到好的报酬吗?

EN: No need to speak about greed, long as I'm feedin my seed
ZH: 不需要谈论的贪婪,只要我是滋养我种子

EN: then I'm completin the deed, so I'm keepin this cheese
ZH: 然后我是 completin 契据,所以我不允许这种奶酪

EN: High-priced lawyers, I'm too nice for ya
ZH: 高价位的律师,我对你太好

EN: Never touchin the work no more, too precise for ya
ZH: 从来没有风雨的工作不多,太精确震遐

EN: Controllin the town, holdin it down
ZH: 岚镇,真心真意

EN: I'm the Master Allah Now, I'm showin you style
ZH: 我是大师阿拉现在,我是舒你样式

EN: I go in your file, and make you hard to locate
ZH: 我走在文件中,并使你很难找到

EN: Delete all your data don't disregard your fate
ZH: 删除所有数据不要无视你的命运

EN: I'll off you then I'm off with a honey like suave bola
ZH: 我会你然后我用像倜傥 bola 的蜂蜜

EN: Shit I'm livin this life, til my hustlin days are over
ZH: 妈的活这种生活,直到我真挚已经结束

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Guru]
ZH: [大师]

EN: Bouncin in and out of town, hope I don't step out of bounds
ZH: 进出小镇 bouncin,希望我走不出界限

EN: Chicks love to crowd around cause of my rep, how that sound?
ZH: 小鸡爱人群周围的我的代表,原因如何声音?

EN: Enemies are growin in numbers, hopin to catch me slumber
ZH: 敌人悸动的人数,感触来抓我沉睡

EN: I wonder; how many are hopin to take me under?
ZH: 我不知道 ;山明水秀多少都要带我下?

EN: NARC's and Feds, throwin darts at my head
ZH: 缉毒警的和联邦调查局,throwin 在我头上的飞镖

EN: Some new cats tryin to make me part with my bread
ZH: 一些新的猫,尽力让我与我的面包部分

EN: Now I'm in a zone worse than Nino in Sugar Hill
ZH: 现在我在区域中比在糖山尼诺

EN: Now I'm all alone, the piper wants me to foot the bill
ZH: 现在所有孤身一人,吹笛者想让我脚条例草案 》

EN: Now I'm facin the judge, my name on a folder
ZH: 现在我很足,法官,我的名字在一个文件夹

EN: In jail for life, my hustlin days are over
ZH: 在监狱里的生活,我真挚已经结束

EN: {*"If you ain't real about it, don't talk"* -> Baby Thad
ZH: {*"如果你不是真正了解它,不谈"*-> 婴儿 Thad

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: {*"If you ain't real about it, don't talk"* -> Baby Thad
ZH: {*"如果你不是真正了解它,不谈"*-> 婴儿 Thad

EN: [Donell Jones]
ZH: [Donell 琼斯]

EN: Oh yeah
ZH: 哦,是的

EN: Yeah yeah yeah, uhh
ZH: 是的是的是的呜

EN: Uhh.. ooohoooohwooooohhh
ZH: 呜...ooohoooohwooooohhh

EN: Get the paper, get the dough
ZH: 拿到报纸,赚到钱

EN: Cause I'm hustlin
ZH: 我是上专一的原因

EN: Gotta get the paper, get the dough
ZH: 要拿到报纸,赚到钱

EN: Cause I'm hustlin
ZH: 我是上专一的原因

EN: And I'm a hustler
ZH: 我是个骗子

EN: And I'm a baller, yeah
ZH: 我叫号,没错

EN: I pack plenty of steel
ZH: 我一大堆的钢

EN: So all the player haters stay, off my nuts
ZH: 因此,所有的球员讨厌的人远离我的坚果

EN: while we handlin business
ZH: 同时我们的业务 · 汉德林

EN: Oh yeah, ohooooohhhhhohhhhhh
ZH: 哦是的 ohooooohhhhhohhhhhh

EN: Mmmmmmm ohhh ohhh, oh yeah
ZH: Mmmmmmm 哦哦哦是的

EN: If you're with me, throw your guns in the air
ZH: 如果你和我一起,把你的枪扔在空气中

EN: Whoahoahaohohhhhohhhhhh, ohhh yeah
ZH: Whoahoahaohohhhhohhhhhh,哦是的