Gunplay - No Church (Cops & Robbers Mixtape) (2013)

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Gunplay - No Church (Cops & Robbers Mixtape) lyrics

This the f*cking shit I’ve been talking about, motherf*ckers,
you think it’s a game?
you think it’s a f*cking game?
Come on!
You know I go for life my nigga, on sight my nigga
that slow my nigga, copy, 10-4 my nigga
real nigga on line and I came just in time
you got it go get George
but I came scrap with mine,
motherf*cker don’t play with me,
roll a good A with me, and a AK with me
hard day with me and I got stones
a pocket full of doughs
and I got hoes, a couple of them y’alls
hold up, LMG that’s murder may him,
goddamn it that’s me, see see see
care city cartel go hard here for the fee
f*ck how you feel, give a f*ck who you with, what you bout
what you done, who you kill,
I said it on, any mother f*cker
I kill that’s word to everybody motherf*cker not here,
I could smell the money, and I could value the money
..on your brain and that’s psychadelic money
I don’t ask if I could, I’m good, shoot,
putting down at your baby mama crib like a bru
it’s a baby anything coke mean methamin thing,
4-4 loaded to the next king Jane,
f*ck low life, my niggas all sting raise,
my type to the string breaks,
one time for the in mates,
my nigga B-boy, my nigga B ray,
my nigga came oh they gonan be straight
this for the rival, shaking all like cops ont he E way.
No church for the retch nigga, nigga
No church for the retch nigga, nigga
No church for the retch nigga, nigga
No church for the retch nigga, nigga