Gundam Wing - Doukeshi- English lyrics


My night of solitude comes falling down

As if pouring down from the frozen crescent moon

My true heart, that was hidden behind a mask of tears and smiles,

Was somewhere, sometime, left behind.

I'm acting in the spotlight

The happiness I thought I had lost

The sadness I thought I had forgotten

The solitude

I continue to act them out

Even if I'm tired of dreaming

Even if my love has been betrayed

I am a clown, with my empty heart,

Without even any memories,

Only looking on.

Soon I will walk out into the spotlight

Embracing the lies

Tonight, again, the curtain will rise.

I am lingering in the shadow of tears and smiles

My true heart is only painting over myself

I have been acting for so long

The happiness I was sure I had thrown away

The sadness I had locked away.

I create a smile and put it on.

The sensitivity of the children

Whose small eyes sparkle...

Before the accepting hearts

That would believe any invented thing

My mask crumbles and falls.

I am so inexperienced in being loved

I don't know how to give love, either.

A clown, that for just one sparkling moment

Felt something well up in his heart

And knew what it meant to cry...

A clown that knew what it meant to cry...