Gudda Gudda - Extraordinary (2011)

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Gudda Gudda - Extraordinary lyrics

Your so extraordinary [x3]
Someone who's got a hold on me.
Your so extraordinary
Someone who's got a hold on me.
If this feeling has emotion..
Someone who's got a hold on me.

[Verse 1]
Rumble anyday nigga pick a date
I'm feeling great, I don't walk I levatate.
I come from the bottom of the slum village
Where niggas make a name for being young killers
I hate the game and all the bullshit that come with it
Sometimes I wanna get the money and be done with it
But right now I'm feeling better than the usual
Flow so ugly make the bank account beautiful
They call me Gudda nigga who is you
Bedrocking every girl was a 2 for 2
that's right nigga the more the merry
An extraordinaire. Extra-ordinary, nigga.


[Verse 2]
We took the game to another level
Killing all these rap niggas time to get the shovel
I don't want this shit I want this shit forever
Until the game crown me king like Ms Corretta
Yeah. Chase the money with my eyes open
Cause I'ma die trying and never die hoping
Shit about to get critical
Its Guddaville 2, and the first one was biblical
Fuck the bullshit I'ma leave thses niggas miserable
Spit the hardest shit till I start to see residuals.


[Verse 3]
Propane thoughts; I spit gasoline.
I be the first to come and the last to leave
Some of the realest shit I ever spoke
I hope your hearing everyline and catching every quote
Flow sick there's no antidote
Lock me in the zoo. They can't tame me: I'm an animal
there's no stopping me. there's no holding me.
there's no games nigga. there's no controlling me
I know the lord watching over me.
Had to get the snakes from around me so it's more for me.