Gucci Mane - Weirdo (2010)

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Gucci Mane - Weirdo lyrics

Weirdo...Weirdo, Ima Weirdo(2x)
Killed da pussy, killed the bitch
Turned into a weirdo
Mr zone 6, half a million dollar ear lobe
Weirdo...Weirdo, Ima Weirdo(2x)
Gucci mane, drumma boy
Dis here for da weirdos
Had it like a bag a dro
Flowin like a weirdo

Verse 1
R u mad, Mad for wut
Man kus she cant get enough
Tuff luck
Diggin Gucci mane and he dont giv a fuk
Throw it up, Pick it up
Shes a material girl

You aint got enough
Its a weird, weird
And she asking weird questions
Why yo engine n da rear
Switchin gears den im outta here
You boyfriends so last year
Lets have breakfast on the moon
Lets have dinner on uranus
I got feines,on my penus
And so many up round my fingers
Lil mama wet as aquafina
Send dem hoes like Angilina
likke em black
i like em yella
I like em red
I like da meat