Gucci Mane - North Pole lyrics (Chinese translation). | Red falcons hat, all red hooded
, Santa clause of the city, bag full of goodies
, 50 pints of purple...
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Gucci Mane - North Pole (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Red falcons hat, all red hooded
ZH: 红色猎鹰帽子,所有红色连帽

EN: Santa clause of the city, bag full of goodies
ZH: 圣诞老人的城市,袋充满了好吃的东西

EN: 50 pints of purple drank, came with the seal
ZH: 50 品脱的紫色喝了,来了与印章

EN: I wish these faggot ass cops will let a nigga live
ZH: 我希望这些同性恋屁股警察会让一个黑鬼活

EN: Im trynna come down the chimney with a hundred mill
ZH: Im 轻轻松松,与百磨下来烟囱

EN: So many hundred dollar bills that'll give you chills
ZH: 这么多给你发冷的百元钞

EN: A bad bitch from Brazil got her own appeal
ZH: 来自巴西的坏婊子有她自己的上诉

EN: You wake up see her cooking cookies in your crib
ZH: 你一觉醒来见她烹饪的 cookie 在婴儿床

EN: I’m the brick squad boss, I’m like Santa Clause
ZH: 我砖队老板,我就像圣诞老人

EN: Misses clause on the pole, with her panties off
ZH: 未命中条杆,与她的内裤关闭

EN: And I know when you’re sleeping know when you awake
ZH: 我知道在你睡觉的时候知道你醒着的时候

EN: No eggnog, busting bottles of that ace of spades
ZH: 没有蛋,破坏该 ace 锹的瓶

EN: Black Versace shades so it’s hard to steer
ZH: 所以很难操纵的黑色范思哲底纹

EN: Where’s Rudolph red nose when I really need him
ZH: 哪里的鲁道夫红鼻子我真的需要他的时候

EN: A bunch of elves on the team and I gotta feed em
ZH: 精灵队的一群和我要去喂 em

EN: They carry sawed off pumps so it’s hard to feed em
ZH: 他们携带被锯掉泵,所以很难去喂 em

EN: I gift wrap a pipe bomb, bring it to your door
ZH: 我礼品包有炸弹,把它带到你家门口

EN: Ring the bell sit back and watch the fucker blow
ZH: 环钟坐和观看混蛋吹

EN: So how you build the snowman with all this melted snow
ZH: 所以如何构建与此融化的雪雪人

EN: Santa clause bringing blocks in from Mexico
ZH: 圣诞老人从墨西哥引进块

EN: I made a hundred thousand dollars and the Texaco
ZH: 我做了 10 万美金和德士古

EN: They locked me up and let me out I feel like Plexico
ZH: 他们把我关起来,让我出去我感觉自己像 Plexico

EN: I’m going in on these suckers call me santa clause
ZH: 我会这些吸盘电话我圣诞老人

EN: And its a bunch of bad bitches in Santa house
ZH: 它是一群坏在圣家的母狗

EN: An igloo full of snow and a white stove
ZH: 雪屋满雪和一个白色的炉子

EN: I’m in the kitchen cooking dope in a white robe
ZH: 我在厨房烹饪涂料在白色的长袍

EN: House full of naked hoes snortin blow
ZH: 满屋子的裸体锄头 snortin 吹

EN: I’m in zone 6 aka the north pole
ZH: 我在 6 区 aka 北极

EN: It’s so lonely at the top plus it’s real cold
ZH: 它是如此的孤单在顶部再加上它是真正冷

EN: My ears, neck, wrist fist is real froze
ZH: 我耳朵、 脖子、 手腕拳真正冻结了

EN: A house full of hoes and they cooking blow
ZH: 房子充满了锄头和他们烹饪的打击

EN: I’m in zone 6 aka the north pole.
ZH: 我在 6 区 aka 北极。