Gucci Mane - Boy From The Block (2010)

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Gucci Mane - Boy From The Block lyrics

{ Chorus }:
I'm the boy from the block, boy from the block block x4
with the very large knots

I'm the boy from the block, boy from the block block x4
with the very large knots

( Verse 1 //
iPull up in that spyder, strapped up like McGyver
should have brought my phantom na, but i'm mad at my driver
he so fuckin turnt up, ridin on auto pilot smokin kush and smilin, he drinkin' while he drivin'
Gucci please excuse me , hu .. all my goons got jewelry on 'em
all my niggas booked up, paper they get it on there own
i'dont think you know me homie, isuggest you leave me alone
i got so much jewelry on, that ithink ineed a clone
ipull up to the traffic light, icy as a blood light
shinin' like a flash light imight damage ya eye sight
gucci got dhat real ice, don't it look real nice
idon't want your girlfriend homie but my bitch might

{ Chorus }:

( Verse 2 //
Now straight to the chanel shop, that's how she shop
500 for the flip flops cause they ain't reebok
i'm the boy from the block with the very large knots
gotta spot in the hood no sofa just pot
i'm hot, so hot stand next, get shocked
igot caucasian neighbors thats just how irock
if you talkin' to me tell me somethin that iwanna know
if she aint got no money know you gotta have some doe
then she ask me for a drank so i bought a bottle
she was flexin really hard, now she flexin harder
you a bitch, one more bitch, ionly fuck with starters
so if you ain't a dime piece, ain't no need to bother

{ Chorus }:

( Verse 3 //
I want the money, ismell like a pocket full of hundreds
a whole bag full of kush ibeen buckin' since a youngin
iknow you need a man right now because you strugglin
so if he isn't helpin then theres no need for dicussion
in houstan texas i can spend fifty thousand on a monday
igot fifty woman with me, fifty more that ain't comin
my pocket do the conversation make all the decisions
ionly fuck with bad bitches cause im very picky
he cant buy a drink so he dont deserve ya digits
im polar bear laflare , wrist and ear is very fridged
my charm big as a midget
igive yo ass the buissness
so if you got yo swag right you know that you can get it