Gucci Mane - Birds Of A Feather (feat. Rocko) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Gucci Mane] 
, Burr burr burr burr burr burr burr burr yeah 
, its 2 time gucci and i dont give...
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Gucci Mane - Birds Of A Feather (feat. Rocko) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Gucci Mane]
ZH: [Gucci 鬃毛]

EN: Burr burr burr burr burr burr burr burr yeah
ZH: 毛刺毛刺毛刺毛刺毛刺毛刺毛刺毛刺是的

EN: its 2 time gucci and i dont give excuses i use to drive a hoope
ZH: 其 2 时间 gucci 和我别给我用来驱动关头的借口

EN: but now my life a move i'm genius like confuses so pleas do not confuses me
ZH: 但现在我的生活我是天才像移动混淆所以恳求做不混淆了我

EN: dont thank cause i do music i wont pull up with oozes thay wont me just like
ZH: 别谢我做的音乐不会将拉与多姿的他们也不会因我只是喜欢的原因

EN: tookiie but guccimane survive dont ask me nothing stupid or bury me alive
ZH: tookiie 但 guccimane 生存别问我什么愚蠢或把我活埋

EN: right now i'm on that new shit my struggle i embrace it forever leaving diamonds
ZH: 我现在依旧是新靠那我的斗争,我拥抱它永远离开钻石

EN: like agent kings in Ashia big balling is my major i still got my lil trap house
ZH: 像代理国王在阿希娅 · 大成球是我的专业我还有我的 lil 陷阱房子

EN: a condo in south Florida i'm balling on you stack house i'm in and out the trap house in this aint what you wonted
ZH: 公寓在南佛罗里达州我对你在跳舞呢堆栈房子我入点和出陷阱房子在这不是你的发财

EN: i put my shooters on you you'll thank yo house was hunted pounds in the bath tub
ZH: 我把我的枪手你会感谢哟房子是被猎的磅的浴缸里

EN: keys on the dresser my money in a great place where i could never tell yea
ZH: 键在梳妆台上我的钱在哪里我不可能告诉是一个伟大的地方

EN: Cinderella story call me cinder fella i make it rain so much the strippers gotta
ZH: 灰姑娘的故事我煤渣的家伙我让它调用雨这么多脱衣舞娘得

EN: bring umbrellas i double spike the punch skip breakfast and lunch
ZH: 带遮阳伞我双穗拳打跳过早餐和午餐

EN: i sell a thang and whip a plank and eat some captain crunch i smoke a blunt and go to brunch
ZH: 我卖唐卡和鞭一块木板和吃一些船长紧缩我抽烟钝,去吃早午餐

EN: and bae i dont do dutch i let her order what she wont order what you must
ZH: bae 我不会做荷兰人我让她命令她不会令你的必须

EN: [Rocko]
ZH: [洛基]

EN: a thay didnt thank i would be back i told them wait and watch
ZH: 他们还没感谢我会回来的我告诉他们的等待和观察

EN: all you weight watches kick back and factor this omega aint no comming after this
ZH: 所有你的体重手表回到和因子这欧米茄不是在这之后没有到来

EN: we the realest niggas coming from Atlanta street yall thought atlanta rap was all
ZH: 我们来自亚特兰大街亚勒认为亚特兰大说唱是真心爱是一切

EN: novelty (where you was at) i was in the trenches trying to escape probity
ZH: 新奇 (你哪里是在) 我是在想要逃跑的战壕中廉洁

EN: or probably out selling sack or probably trying to figure out where the fuck you hang yo sack at
ZH: 或可能出去卖袋或可能试图找出哪里他妈的你挂哟在麻袋

EN: way before i was hitten sack 5ave (what you was doing) i was on the avenue picking quarter
ZH: 在我之前的方式后对于袋 5ave (你在做什么) 我是采摘季在大街上

EN: and taking orders from no nigga but the consumers (what you is) i'm a zone 4 nigga i hid the meals up in my room ( n my draws)
ZH: 并考虑没有黑鬼,但消费者的订单 (你是什么) 我是我藏在我的房间的饭食区 4 黑鬼 (n 我绘制)

EN: these niggas grew up with a silver spoon i had a dusty folk you had to learn to wiggle up jus to get it up
ZH: 这些黑鬼长大用银勺了尘土飞扬的民俗,你不得不学会扭动起来绝对让它飞起来

EN: niggas playing cards in the hood but i aint playing hell i will throw in my hand if i hand yall hand
ZH: 扑克牌中但我罩玩地狱的冒失鬼我将扔在我的手如果我把你们的手

EN: and niggas a cut off they hand jus to have my hand i'm that nigga now look at you you throw dealing
ZH: 和黑鬼切断他们手绝对有我我的手那黑鬼现在看着你你扔处理

EN: purple sent lergederment yea i'm threw dealing my name whole wait i carry my own weight
ZH: 紫色已发送的 lergederment 是我扔了处理我带我的名字整个等待我自己的体重