Grown Up Avenger Stuff - Cards lyrics

And you fold like a deck of cards
and you run but you won't get far
Can't even tell me why
Can't even say goodbye
and you turn like a twisting flame
and it burns to lose the game.
Didn't even see the knife
until you took a slice..

What have I done?

And you're cold
You're cold to the bone
You're the worst one I've ever known
How can you be that way? Give everything away?
I wanna scream: "You're tearing me apart", plant the seed of shame to grow in your heart!
If I was on my knees and I was begging please...

What would you do?

I think you'd laugh, big smirk upon your face, at the aftermath and my fall from grace.
And so I will bite my tongue - never know just what I have done...

What I have done!
For You!

What I've done for you!