Grilling Wilson - Just Another Acoustic Song lyrics

Sitting In the Sun
Wondering Why I Always Sit Right Here
Thinking Wanting Needing All My Thoughts In Gear
Oh No Why Do I say Things Everything
Like All I Say Is Free
This Is Where I Like to Be

Verse 2:
The Sun Reflects on the Silver Tabs
Without Moving In one Direction
Question Unanswerd, Without even saying a word
I was heard, just I, Myself, Me
This is Where I Like To Be

But When the Sun goes Down
And the stars are there
And the Crickets Chirp
As In Mid-Air
I'm there
Cause Its Where I Like To Be

( repeat Verse 1 )

So sit with me
We will look to the sky
And your questions answered in the nick of time
I dont know why it happens this way
But I ideas slip right through
There are thoughts everything, thoughts of life, of you
And I'm inspired to do the thing that I do
Its the nature of it all

( repeat Verse 1 )