Grey - Sex Is... lyrics

Sex is rebirth. Sex is redemption.
Sex is a place where the empty find attention.
Sex is a word. Sex is a visual phrase.
Sex is the place where you don't have to behave.
Sex is.... Sex is...ahhhh !

Sex is a power. Sex is a vision.
Sex is what you get when you turn on the television.
Sex is your sister. Sex is your brother.
Sex is called incest baby when these two get together.
Sex is.... Sex is...ahhhh !

And this brings to mind
the world's terrible state.
Everybody equates love as sex
and I agree (disagree).

Sex is a part of me. Sex is all of you.
Sex is right baby, you know it's all what
we should all do.
Sex is sacrifice. Sex is a feeling your dying.
Sex is holding someone to whom
you know that you've been lying.
Sex is.... Sex is...ahhhh !

Sex is politics. Sex is election.
Sex is a vote for the leader with an erection.
Sex is rich. Sex is poor.
Sex has no class that it doesn't employ.
Sex is.... Sex is...ahhhh!