Grey - All The Love In The World lyrics

Laughing to each other, distant plans, a future in exotic lands.
Longer walks than we'd ever had. Forgetting that we had ever felt sad.
Driving the country, waving hands, people saying we must be mad.
Chasing through the parks, into the greens, trading touches you say to me !

All the love in the world, awakes in you right now.
All the smiles in the world, shine on you right now.
All the happiness in the world, flows through you right now.
All the love in the world, comes from you right now.

Uncertain we could ever pull this one off,
So much at stake, to much left apart.
A summer of love, flowers to ther stars.
a peace in thought, kept a peace in heart.
Fall a color, an edge untaught. Deep inside
not actors on lovers parts. Spring bloomed
with kisses so hard. Crushing our fears,
crashing the bed before dark.

Yes to you whenever you need me. I'll wait for you if you'll wait for me.
Guess it's the hour, the day or the year. For you and I it's all to clear.
Mess up your hair love I couldn't care. It's not a look but feelings so dear.
Yes to you even if it seems rare. You please me here and I'll please you there