Greg Wood - Unsafe lyrics

I've been so long inside your soul
It may not show, but you've got control
And I don't want you to know that...

It was over, but I wasn't ready yet
For the day you became unsafe
And yes, I heard, but you could not explain away
How i'd never heard his name

Don't think I'm bitter, 'cause that's how it looks
'Cause he looked considered, and that's all it took...
Now my phone stays on the hook

I was talking to you every single day
How could you just turn and say
"There was this guy I met when you and I were frayed -
I guess you've never heard his name"

You don't want him and you say you never will,
And sure that helps, but honey still -
How much longer do yout hink that I can go
Wondering how much else I don't already know