Greg Salwen - I Wish I Was Still Careless Like When I Was Five lyrics

Remember when we were small and all of the walls came tumbling down on

Us in our brick house that we built up all by ourselves

In the basement we built friendships some that we'd someday regret but we didn't care There was no logic then kids suspended in amusement

There were lights that we turned on and off amazed at the way the lights reacted

So quickly who knew light switches were so efficient

And who could've thought it was as easy as that to lose our friends

And at the time we didn't care, and at the time we didn't care, there was no logic then

Only tricycles biked around the block that was enough to keep us

Satisfied with time and money wasn't anything to us 'cause we had the sun

And we had rain and we weren't afraid to get our clothes wet but

Now that we know the hassle of relationships we take our time and measure sense

And concoct potions that won't help in the end

We used to cry make up then play and get over things within a day

But if that happens now it's usually a sign that you give into quickly

Maybe you're just too easy, too passive, too weak, or too vulnerable to us