Greg Machado - Switch It Up (2012)

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Greg Machado - Switch It Up lyrics

Here we go (2x)
Turn up the stereo

Party time
Turn the lights down i'm about to shine
Make the music that makes you out your mind
There's a pretty young thing imma find tonight
You looking fine tonight.
Baby girl i'm bout to take you to another world
Show me how you do it like no other girl (other girl)
Lets go head and switch things up.

Here we go (2x)
Turn up the stereo
This ain't stereo typical
Cause this wouldn't be
Something that you typically
Hear on your stereo

Switch it up
They don't know how i'm gonna give it up
Moving on up like the jefferson and its all love
Just call us confess your prepared to give it all up
Hands up shirts off in the middle of the dance floor
Yelling give it all up.

Greg machado banga boiz

Just keep on moving shake it shake it
Just don't break it baby
We've got that sounds to tear it down
You know its crazy
Ladies on the dance floor feel the music feel the music
If you feel what i'm bringing just go head and switch thing up !

Sometimes its necessary to switch things up
And life was meant for living so lets live thing up
Go head and switch it up.