Greg Cooper - King Of The Brace Face lyrics

Came the phone call from the optimist
"I'll be just fine"
But then the sickness, executioner
Stle her life

Not it's a halfway hours where loneliness
And anger reside
Butt he fairness counter tally
Mounts attacks on all sides

Silence go on, ignite
King of the brace face deny
Once bitten, ten times shy
Give in, run away

Sideline them one at a time
King of the brace face reply
Spiraling flames, hurt sight
Give him one more day

And as the children go their merry way
Captive to the globe
It seems the tyrant is distance, no
But rather, home

And as the "sold by" sign is plastered on
The memories fade
The robber takes those years away
The rug, out it slides


The less love he gets, the less that he wants
The less that he shares his life
How I'd long
To be the doctor to you, friend

The less the kids get, the less they want
The lesson they'll share for life
how I'd love
For you to have your mother here