Greg Brown - Love Is A Chain lyrics

If you're free, stay free.
If ya ain't free, git free.
But if ya' can't git free, join me
All my life I been bound in the chains of love.

An' I said to myself I would leave
Said I gonna travel an' just do as I please
An' I stood with my back to you, darlin'
An' we both ended up on our knees.

Love is a chain,
Love is a chain
Though I try to fly
Off through the sky
But here I remain.

Many times I have gone to the depot
Jus' to listen to the departure times
I was thinkin' of all the places I would love to go
An' gonnaleave everything behind.

Ah, but I know I could go to the moon,
To the cold side where everything is dark
But I'd still see your face before me
An' I would still say your name in my heart.