Greg Brown - Blue Car lyrics

i'm driving my blue car baby
down from the mountain so high
i'm driving my blue car baby
coming down to say goodbye

the sunrise is a miracle
but it can't hold a candle to you
do you remember them rides in my blue car
back when it was brand new

well it's a good old car
but the clutch is a little loose
and the brakes are screaming
a song called what's the use
but it's good for one more trip
one more trip to you

the lightning's meant to strike
the tall pine trees
& the birds are meant to cry
& wheel in the breeze
but some things baby
i guess they just ain't meant to be

when i get back up on the mountain
i'll close my door against the wind
i'll park my old blue car
i may fall down the mountain
but i will never fall in love again