Greenslade - What Are You Doin' To Me? lyrics

What are you doin to me?
Why didn't you let me know?
How come my eyes didn't see?
You let the obvious show

You murdered the love that I once had for you
When you put in the boot cos the shoe wouldn't do
Well if that's how you feel woman I love you too

What are you doin to me
How can you be so unkind
You broke my heart to be free
What else did you have in mind

You led me a dance but my feet didn't see
That it wasn't the vicar that you had to tea
I'm a one woman man but you're faithful to three
I wanted you bad but you weren't any good
I knew that I shouldn't but would if I could
If you understand me I'm at least understood

What are you doin to me
Why don't you love me know more
If you felt differently
You could have told me before

You left me a nut when I wanted a screw
You left me a crossword with only one clue
I fell out with love babe when I fell out with you