Green Street - Art Of War (feat. Raekwon) (2014)

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Green Street - Art Of War (feat. Raekwon) lyrics

[Verse 1: A-live]
I did everything that I said I would
Just in case I never had the time to
Asking God if you got me in his plans
In case things don't go as we planned to
I cheated death made it seem it never happened
Knew what I believed never had it tatted
What I was going through you couldn't fathom
But when you chasing greatness none of that ever matters
Set the pace my team watch our dreams come alive
Watched Soup make his move and Ren beat the odds
Never planned to survive, we plan to arrive
And what you did in ten years we handled in five
So watch what they all say now, I don't play what they all play now
In this life I'mma never lay down, treat the world like it's my playground
Had a foot in the grave no I never cried
When you make something timeless you could never die

It was all a dream, but I see it now
Used to be the prince, now I want the crown
Got the will to win, so it's going down
This is

[Verse 2: Soupa]
Peace and quiet, no speaking I need it silent
Demons in my dreams so I won't sleep or ease my eyelids
I sick of always striving just for borderline surviving
I've been keeping to myself like I've been in hiding in confinement
It's me and the family, vanity is causing my insanity
This is not the man I planned to be
A dollar and a dream, a couple grand is like a fantasy
All is fair in war, I can't plan on people sparing me, shit
This world is so cold, everybody plugged in, and ain't nobody got soul
They don't know they own bro, I'm doing as I wanna do and not how I've been told
And to me that more valuable than gold if you ain't know
It's the will to keep winning, the will to be different
I'm sticking to my vision even if nobody gets it
I gotta use my voice even if nobody listen
Cause I know that they gonna hear me in a minute

[Verse 3: Raekwon]
A-1 kosher, the chrome roadster
Son pulled up, heavy smacked flames out of his soldier
He wasn't dressed right, no vest
The war was supposed to pop, two weeks before the election
This is stressing the boss cause he might take a big loss
He used his voice to run the hood right, they shot up his whores
Lester was a well known investor, he lived in with Joyce
Her brother was connected, pa, he poisoned
Breaking china, stepping on glass
Juicy sweatsuits, her ass was lopsided, the bitch was just trash
One seed, La'tone Naeem, fourteen, he would walk mean
And grow up like the dad he never had, poor thing
No family morals, this is a small thing
But one day, he would get large and ball like Spalding
Take the hood by hood, I sat back and threw a couple jewels at him