Graziano Romani - Right From Wrong lyrics

We ride a tide of change
And we caught up in its crest
No one's too blind to see
Neither you or me
Bridges burn and east becomes the west

On dirty New York sidewalks
Homeless sleeping in a box
Veteran all strung out
Is asking for spare change
Shouts a curse to those who pass him

Poor old black lady
One-way underground train
Wearing worn out clothes
Wrinkes on her face
Hungry children wait for her at home

They weren't born to choose
And maybe they're born to lose
Isn't what we have
More than we need
Tables turning, happens everyday

Help is needed, from one and every willin' band
People starve their lives for reasons
They will never understand
Have we learned right from wrong
Can we learn right from wrong
Why don't we learn right from wrong
We gotta learn right from wrong