Grave Maker - It's Raining Again lyrics

Your crushing down on my lungs with this weight
But I can still breathe, I can breathe just fine
You've lead me away from the path which I've made
But I'll find my way- Yeah I'll find my way in time
Cause I know there's a better life than the one you lead
And if I've learned one thing from you
It's never do the things you do
You're hoping the sound of your voice will save me this time
Swearing ignorance is the key to the perfect life
But I'm better than that, than to leave my heart behind
And live for nothing
These clouds from over head, but I'm not fucking running
You're soaked in riches but I see through the pain
I'll be on the outside forever looking in
Cause I find comfort in the rain
I'll dream of a time where your heart was open wide
Before this world polluted your mind
And I'll dream of a place where a smile once covered your face
Before the perfect life turned you into a fucking lie
And in the rain I'll dream- in the rain I'll dream