Grave Maker - Comfort In Concrete lyrics

Here I lay wide awake, listening to this city's life
Something here calms me, and it comforts me to know
That every step I will ever take leads me to another home
I know one day I will speak of a time
When nights shined brighter than days
This is the path that leads me to
the closest thing I call a home
To a home with more than belongings
that are bought and sold
Each moonlight drive a radio sings a lullaby
These nights where all is settled inside
I should feel alone, but I'm alive
I'm alive, looking at the sky
Knowing some life wait for me miles away
But I will wait
I am just a tourist, just a visitor to these cityscapes
To these scattered lights I find comfort within
I hope this carries on for a thousand more nights
A thousands more nights
Let's carry on