Grave Declaration - The Great Exaltation Of The Most Sovereign God lyrics

Rejected by what's safe
My God, you're all that's left to be trust, You don't change
You were, You are, You will be the safest refuge found
I'm covered, beneath your wings
Oh, take me high, free me from all the dangers of mine
I am trapped within lies
Save me this time
All my hope is in You, oh, Faithful One
My Soul; arise, circumstances aside
Bless His Holy Name and remember His doings
Our God is rich in mercy
Our God is slow to wrath
Praise and honor is Yours to receive
Along with glory and power, exalted You be
"Wisdom and might be unto the throne"
We cry, as we bow our knees for the King of all kings
May Your kingdom come
May Your kingdom come!!!
"And I saw, and I hear a voice of many angels around the throne
Saying with a loud voice:
"The Lamb that was slaughtered is worthy to receive
The Power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing""
My soul; arise, circumstances aside, bless his holy name, and remember His doings
Praise and honor is Your to receive, along with glory and power, exalted You be

(Rev. 5:11-12)