Gran Torino - Telenouvela lyrics

Shortlived innocence embraces moments never meant to last
Memories in rewind play tricks on the past
The picture perfect breakdown I know I'll never forget
The man on paper folded
The social x-ray swayed her
Seeking shelter in hotels and cars
A casual glance her every touch
Trust turned to scars
Since those days I've played the game
Sad but true I cheated all the way
Sensitive enough to know not to let the real feelings show

When it's finally time to face the world
Paint a mirror for the lonely girl
To be certain reflections last
Don't compare images to the past

Now it's miles instead of numbers
And shameless telephone calls
The midnight hour is a shelter for cowards
The years haven't helped at all
Youth holds promise
Time holds the key
To teenage anthems
Heart breaks ransom
And secrets whispered by destiny