Graham Colton - Hold On lyrics

How long have I been spinning round your head?
So long have I been running round in circles
And for the longest time
Its been building up inside me
Its coming over the edge and I step off that ledge and I fall
Cause I can't hold on
And I can't hold hold on

So come here baby
Lets throw down all our cards
Cause I'm a king of spades and your my queen of hearts
We can celebrate and get lost at sea
And I will salivate
Please come to me
Cause I can't hold hold on
Oh I can't hold hold on

And all the descriptions for the sickness yet to come
Plagues us like we're first born sons
And we play this game

Now we are face to face
And I dont have the words
So I will cut to the chase
Oh but it hurts
And my hands will strain at the touch of your face
Yeah the dragons slain
I fall from grace
Cause I can't hold hold on
I can't hold hold on