Grafh - Clique (Freestyle) (2013)

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Grafh - Clique (Freestyle) lyrics

Ain't nobody fucking with my click, click, click
Ain't nobody fucking with my click, click, click
Paparazzi see a nigga and they flick, flick, flick
Say cheese
When your bitch come to my zipper, it go zip, zip, zip, zip
Nigga they want the, they want the, they want the

Playing strip pole at your mom's house
I be in the Gucci store, playing dollhouse
Play em all out, they playing catch up
I be in the louie store playing dress up
Pay a check up and I'm easy to talk with
I'm young fly and I'm fresh, easy to market
The label say I need me a marker
I say I'm good with the street, to make it comfy
All I need is a car pit
Each other label, all I need is a target,
I put hands and feet on your artists
And beat them retarded, I'm off the leash and I start shit
Yes I did it, this isn't a test drive, is it?
Yes I'm with it, the change of seeing me
It's like seeing lil wayne in a ny field
That's ... woopy
The great rhythm, I'm in the kitchen whipping the white, racism
Pump weight, living uncut baked chicken
Up late, ducking upstate prison
Come fuck with me, couple energy niggas don't wanna fuck with me, who?

I get one of them robbed if I don't come up quickly
Look, industry fuck boy, you stuck with me
What if I put one of your names in a rap
And call you all kinds of names in a rap
I don't know who to choose
I just put all of your names in a hat
And come to your state and turn you into a stain on a nap,
I'll abuse you, get the whippin on you
I had a blog saying, why that nigga picking on you
The infrared dot on your head and it's sticking on you
I knock a bitch off of your lap while she strippin on you
Nigga shooting fair one, I'm talking mano in mano
I'm on my bitch sean, I make it ... wobbly wobble
Wobbly wobble, wobbly wobble, your bitch be sucking me empty
I mean she swallow me hollow, I mean she probably google
I don't never respect them, my bitches going both ways
Put them in bed and I stretch them
I take them legs and I bend them, and spread them like an antenna
When I need better reception I be the predator to catching my prey
Put all this paid on, ice hit the leather, look like I'm snapping the crayon
Colors busting out it's just what you happen to skate on
Dead presidents, my wallet happen to stay on
Dead president, I pray for no drama
I look in my wallet and pray for Obama
Argh, you better act your age, don't go broke, tryina look rich, act your wage
Tell your bitch I might lick her, she might have to shave
Team bang boys, that's the way, if you see me, oh.