Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Joey lyrics

I come home from working hard
I pull up to my yard
And there's a man I used to know

He used to love me right
But then we had a little fight
And now he's on parole

Well he's lookin' mighty mean
He's like to cause a scene
Just hit reverse and pull out slow

And don't pay no mind to Joey
'Cause Joey don't treat me good no more
No, don't pay no mind to Joey
'Cause Joey don't treat me good no more

He wears his shirt untucked
He's got one eye covered up
And he's got a big 'ol 44

He likes to drink 'til late
Then he'll break down your gate
And he'll throw you to the floor

When he looks me in the eye
He'll hit me 'till I cry
He's trying to get inside my door

Chorus (x1)

Well, well, well, well . . .

You can't even stomp and shout
'Cause it's all over now
And there ain't nothing left to say

Chorus (x1)

He saw me with another man
But he did not understand
That I grew up with him in the same crib

Joey started flaming red
He didn't hear a word I said
Now my brother's got a broken rib

Well, the judge and jury all agreed
That Joey did a dirty deed
And 50 yards is what order said

Chorus (x1)

He didn't understand
The judge raised up his hand
And said "You'd better leave that girl alone"
Leave her alone . . .

Chorus (x1)

No don't pay no mind to Joey
'Joey don't treat me good no more, no more
That's what I said, I said
Well don't pay no mind, pay no mind
Pay no mind, pay no mind (repeat to fade)