Government Warning - Enough Is Enough lyrics

Actions speak so much louder
so much louder than words
so we fly off the handle
for whatever we're heard
what was said, what was done
this is getting absurd
night after brain dead night
and day after innumerable day
we communicate like apes
pretending we were taught no other way
it's more about who you hate
and less about what you say
all fists, and no words
and now this seems so fucking absurd
what changed me? I don't know.
but this ain't no way I want to go
I'm so burnt out on it all
even though the hatred is as pure as it was all along
but the steel in my guts has eroded away
I'm just so tired of living this way
there's not enough to drink in a day
to make me want it anymore
I'm spinning my wheels with using my brain
cuz noone here understands anything but pain
is this how we were all fucking raised?
this isn't a status quo I'm alright to maintain
that's enough!
we all have our threshold
but this is insane
enough is enough
I give up