Gotthard - Hey Jimi lyrics

Every night I walk the streets that light my soul
And I pick up the pieces you left so long ago
You gimme the faith, you gimme a hand
When god's made love in electric lady-land

Hey, I can't start a fire
But I can keep the flame
No, I can't get much higher
Hey Jimi, where the hell are you ?

I'm searching the red house with my voodoo chile
Foxy lady, keep comin' when I kiss the sky
You gave me stone free gave me purple haze
And a little wing's stroke is all I need today


Yeah, you bring me back the good old day's of rock n' roll
When your guitar was always ready to sing no compromise at all
Like a big bass-drum the beat of my heart
Man, you teach the world how to rock with a black man's soul


(...One More Lick)