Goodtime Boys - Harrow lyrics

If I lived alone
living in "sin",
I wouldn't know
where to begin.
Scratching at the walls, tearing through the dirt
nails buried deep in the ground.
I lift up my body and failing to stand
I fall with a smile as the struggle ends.
Content in my defeat, swallowed whole.
I am a statement, that digests over time
no luxury for me, senses hold,
I grip my skull to clear your name from my mind,
the last convulsion as I let go,
with open eyes I realize,
everyone forgets sometimes,
everyone forgets themselves,
everybody battles with time,
as we lose we cry "at least I tried".
Nothing is worth it unless it swallows you whole.
Nothing is worth it unless it consumes you whole,
I hope it's worth it.
Deep inside our fickle skulls we leave footsteps
and bury answers in the walls.
Choking young lungs (tight in it's grip)
The discovery saves us from ourselves.
Save us from ourselves.