Gone Wrong - Daydream Everyday lyrics

Float up to the sky
Wave a hearfilled goodbye
Jump on a cloud or two
Catch the rain, toss some snow
Knock on heavens doors, then run like hell
Free-fall down, wake up, go to school

Sit in class, look alive
Daydream till two forty-five
Go off to space, grab a star and make a wish
Visit pluto and mars
Watch the earth eplode
Set up camp on the moon
Hear the bell and walk home

Sit at a desk
Pretend to do homework
Ditch the math, go to hollywood
Become a rock star
Meet some moviestars
Flip the bird to britney spears
Walk over nsync with my platinum shoes
Smash my bentley into some backstreet boys
Hear a yell, its time to eat

Crawl into bed, pull the blanket over my head
Start at the covers, listen to my fan spinng round
Toss and turn awhile, continue to lie
Fall asleep, float up to the sky