GoldLink - The Heart (2014)

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GoldLink - The Heart lyrics

…That’s just how we live in this shit that you live in
Getting smoke?I could sell you dope
Flick got 2 boxes
Just to shut me up
Then I ate his lunch
And I love my momma
But she was never around
So she wouldn’t even know
Half of the,half of the shit I’m tellin’ you
Or she knew that I was bad in school
And she was barely dead
I told her to use guns
But it ain’t just worthin’ nothing at
Fuck it!My brother was the man around this house
And I was just a boy who wanted him around
And he think whe wanna live so
And he found a city to die for
The block ,the street,the hood,my momma
My top was the only thing that kept me safe
And I ain’t talkin’ about the top that been safe
See I was workin’ pretty hard just to get about
So the ghetto was my slammer,fuck, break a bell
Break the bell so I can be the best that I can be
Be the leader around a million nation
That’s an occupation that you could have too
God gave me the gift to the reason
…That’s for me straight believin’
Myself and all the troubles that I went in
Put the knife down and keep the piece…
My brothers and my sisters and my niggaz and my lady and friends
…Go the limits which we livin’ in
Brothers turn in ,haters and my sister and my bitches ,and my niggaz turned to kill us
And my mind is going so …
I’m just so fucking terrific
…Told me I’m the next, about the hood and Harvard
I didn’t give a fuck I wanna we right where you are
The only nigga that just got about was me and…
George Town day were the best around my city
And Nintendo was my outlet
We didn’t had no money,like the white kids
Still wearing jordans like the white kids
Go,go,music,banging at the father’s day
We had our father’s day
See,that was my favorite day
Wish I had another day so I can be a kid again
Then I’m afraid to kill again
Momma she don’t fuck with dad
So now he’ll never know words
And never know rehearse
But I’m alright cause I’m the greatest rapper ever from the city
And I ain’t gonna … this rapper first
Tell them that this boy is a legend
And he should have stayed
Never should have cheated with that bitch
Alright now he pays
Fuck the whole life ,I hate that bitch ,she took my fucking wife
And you have a child that would never fuck with you in life
Very welcomes ,pops,
You’re the reason for my fucking anger