Gojira - To Sirius (2005)

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Gojira - To Sirius lyrics

Now from a solar system
To another I fly
I come with life in my veins
Through darkened space I ran
I left a struggle behind
And faced the fear thats alive
I lost a world and traveled
Straight across from the sky
To find the gates of the heart

I come to Sirius C
To learn from you friends of old
And wish to come into being
And behold Im with you
I am ready now to go
The distance and even beyond
Recover all my forces
All the strength of the world
And feel the light into me
From the strength of god
We go to the power of goddess
This place is a throne
For brightness
The age of war is over

For gods sake
The have never heard of you
Youll never reach
This master race
Our force sickening
Killing all the time
Human laws
Already slayed many lives

There was a streak of madness
But now I know
I see its not the only truth
The scars in me are opened
Wont you please call me beyond

Crave affection love and courage
Being courageous
And flying instead of
Falling down
Follow these instructions
Ive been given
In this dream awake

There is no goal to reach now
No complaint it all
Dolphins from upper space
Are in front of me
In present they dwell

This is my way
Ive found my home
My state of real
There is no goal to reach
This is my way