Godsend - Eidolon lyrics

As darkness falls, the huge towers casts tall shadows in the moonlight.
The metal and concrete facades, which emphasizes an unsurpassed might,
radiates an eerie atmosphere that chills you to the bone.
In the shadows of all this wealth the indigent seek shelter from the pour.
With the preachers' words still in mind, their hope gives them the strength to carry on.
Among these Eron walks, and sees he's got work to do.

The cold darkness
Chills my peaceful soul
As I wander determined
Through the city streets
The succulent air
It reeks of death
The stench of shit
So awful foul

The doleful inhabitants
Are mere puppets
Taught to obediently serve
The glorious emperor
His sick greed
For the ultimate power
Infects all life
Preventing its purpose