Godsend - A Wayfarer's Tears Part Iv lyrics

The city is filled with sick and decrepit people.
All trying to find a way through another day.
Depression, sorrow and despair are present in them all.
Some of them break, and commit suicide.
Among all these forgotten people a flaming soul tries to give them comfort,
by offering them the love and care they deserve and need.
His face shows the countless tragedies he has witnessed.
Each one as if chiselled out of stone.
In his embrace a young girl with a pale skin.
Her hands are covered in blood from her now bandaged wrists.
Tears run down her cheeks as her saviour soothes her pain.

The fallen, they gather
Inside my chapel of rest
Their sullen faces
Pale and frail

My warm embrace
Is what I offer
A modest comfort
In an ignorant world

I can feel the pain
At your soul it tears
Like sharp piercing needles
That your conscience wears

The answers that you seek
Are buried in your mind
To your voice you must listen
And life's meaning you will find

Deep inside your heart
I know there is a will
To light the life within
And protect you from the chill