God Module - Forseen lyrics

Sixteen seconds is all that you have
To make me believe that you understand
That none of this matters, your life is a lie
You were never born you will never die
Six seconds left until your eyes turn green
And you have to question
Everything you've ever seen
Every word you've heard
Everything that you thought
Had to be real, now you know that it's not

All of this has been foreseen
All of the things that you could have been
Things are never what they seem
There is no waking up from this dream
All of this has been foretold
You were never in control
Just a puppet on a string
Never deciding anything

Take my hand and fall with me
Into a new world, far beneath the sea
Forget about time, your thoughts and your sins
They will fall away as we start to swim
Away from everything that is not real
The way you felt is not the way we feel
Your tentacles reach farther than you see
Embrace your new reality