God Ate My Homework - She Was Probably A Guy lyrics

Some girls will leave you,
Don't even say goodbye
Some girls deceive you,
And some just up and die
But looking back, there was just one fling
That really made me cry
When I found out...
I mean it seemed like...
I mean...

She was probably a guy
I ain't tellin' you no lie
She's got more than meets the eye
She was probably a guy
That scene in Ferris Bueller
Where the car died made her cry.
But I think she was probably a guy

People ask me why I'm single
As if it's a surprise
When I try to ask girls out
I end up paralyzed

But when I'm on the Internet
I'm suave I'm debonair
Sex appeal like Patrick Stewart
Except with better hair

I met this girl the other night
We were the perfect match
But like everything in life,
There had to be a catch

She was probably a guy
She's got an X and Y
She uses nicks like cutie pie
She was probably a guy
If she doesn't get her daily dose
Of Quake she's gonna die
But I think she was probably a guy

I know that she's the one for me
I'm givin' her my all
She can be my action figure
I'll be her baby doll

I'd the be the Turner for her Hooch,
The Penn for her Teller
I'd be her Anne Sullivan
She'd be my Helen Keller

I knew we'd last forever
Or at least 'til Y2K
But for reasons I'll explain
It just didn't turn out that way...

She was probably a guy
She says Top Gun is pretty fly.
She really hates to wear a tie.
She was probably a guy
Ozzie Smith and Pee Wee Reese,
She says it'll always be a tie.
But I think she was probably a guy

Age, sex, location!
I'm from Tsawwassen
Age, sex, location!
I'm twenty-two
Age, sex, location!
It's in Cananda
Age, sex, location!
How 'bout you?

I ordered her some lingerie
But it was all for naught
I sent a dozen roses,
But she didn't like the thought

She wouldn't give her phone number,
So I tried telephony
She got down the CU part
But she wouldn't do SeeMe

Something seemed a little off
It filled my mind with doubt
Like Dom DeLuise at the gym
It just didn't work out

She was probably a guy
I guess that's Toni with a "Y"
Her pic looks just like Miss July
She was probably a guy
Yasmine Bleeth's her favorite actress
'Cause she doesn't need to try
But I think she was probably a guy